Technical Videos & Images

If you’re looking for technical information regarding your Lambretta, you’ve come to the right people!

We like to help you keep your bike running smoothly and we share our information that we’ve collected over the years with you. Our goal is to build this section up over time with articles and videos to help answer your questions… and show you our skills!

Prototype Lambretta Cento expansion chamber. Runs much better and is a good increase in power. It’s a cento barrel that I bored to 125cc and ported, stage 4 porting only. PWK 24mm carb. The exhaust is un-groundable and is neatly tucked below. This one doesn’t fit with side panels, but with some small changes to the silencer angle and header pipe, it will.

For starters, I made a video for a few friends about crankshaft truing. This was actually my “test run” of the taping, but it felt good so i went with it. It’s a bit dark but the information is there. It’s also done in my living room, because the couch is more comfortable than the workshop! I will be re-recording this soon.

In this video, I made a two-stroke barrel from billet aluminum for a 1964 Lambretta Cento (J range). This Lambretta is running a 119cc, reed valve engine with a stock(ish) exhaust. Enjoy… because we sure do!

I’ve been meaning to make this video for a while now. It explains a bit on piston conversions, rod lengths, and piston heights. If people find it important, I’ll make more videos discussing port timings, crank conversions, some videos in my shop, etc. I’ve spent so much time finding out what doesn’t work, I’d like to save some people the trouble.

An Li 125 barrel bored, shortened, tuned to fit on a J range casing. Using an H1 500 piston, makes it 138cc (140cc).

Just a brief description of the Sole Power Scooters J50/125 upgrades. And demonstration of the J expansion chamber that will be available for sale soon. I’m almost completely sold out already, but I’ll be making another batch.

The first set of Sole Power RD200 expansion chambers. Sent to me by my customer. Nice increase in performance! Coming out of the first turn you can hear the pipes come on and the engine start to pull away. I’ve got some minor changes to make on the next set, then I’ll build a jig for them and make a batch!