Sole Power Scooters stocks many products for Lambretta engines and can also do any range of custom orders. Our goal isn’t really to ever be the place you can order rubber floor strips or seat covers from, but rather to specialize in engine components. We don’t do restorations, but can offer top-notch engine building if desired. Please go to our links page to see a list of recommended Lambretta parts suppliers.

While there are many shops out there to buy standard parts from and even some performance parts, modifying and redesigning the Lambretta engine is something that takes great skill. What we do here is not something that can be learned in a few afternoons in a garage and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone, machine shop or not!

Ask us about our Stock PartsPerformance Parts and Complete Performance Kits!

We do sell some stock parts at prices competitive to many other shops. Many of the parts we sell are those same stock parts, but modified with the same techniques in our Services section. Therefore, very often you’ll have the option of sending your parts in for modification, buying the parts elsewhere and sending them in for modification, or buying them from us and having us modify them. If you choose the last option you can get the parts quicker since we’ve already done the work for you before you’ve called! This is what we try to stock. Premodified parts, in stock and on the shelf ready for shipment. That’s the key advantage to using Sole Power Scooters!

One thing that’s always frustrated me as a Lambretta enthusiast is the “OUT OF STOCK” note on parts suppliers’ websites, and lengthy wait times for parts. For these reasons, I always try to keep everything i have on this page in stock and ready to be mailed out. Of course, sometimes things get sold out, but I very frequently place orders from all over the world so I keep up with my stock. I’m also always looking for parts and prices, so if you are looking for other random bits, chances are I know where to find them and I’d be happy to throw them in my next shipment for you. Feel free to give me a shout about anything Lambretta related!