Below is a list (although by no means complete) of my favorite Lambretta-related websites:

  • Scooters Originali: This is my local shop, run by Gene. He’s a great guy, with good parts selection. They used to be in Orange, New Jersey, but they just moved out to Allentown, Pa to a much bigger and better space.
  • Jet 200 Performance: The other big parts supplier in the USA. They carry many items and ship fast, but always click on the item and they’ll tell you if they don’t have it in stock.
  • MB Developments: I think this company is absolutely fantastic. They also do what we do. They stock many Lambretta parts. Some of their engine casing repairs will blow you away! They also have a great tech section. Top quality, but also expensive. You get what you pay for and they are the best out there!