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Adam, Li 150

Li 150 S3

Hi everybody! My name is Adam Bower. I’ve been working on Lambrettas for 20 years now. I bought my first Lambretta–the Series 3 Li150 pictured left–in 1997, just after graduating high school. I bought it at a local antique shop for $500. It was in non-running, terribly kept, rough condition. As I wheeled it up the hill to my parents house on its flat tires, I could see my mom had her doubts about my new purchase.

I actually went into the shop to inquire about a Honda C90, something which I’ve never readily admitted until now! But luck was on my side that day because behind the Honda happened to be my beat up Li! It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have it. It was the first motorbike of any kind I had ever owned and I’m quite proud to say that I’m a Lambretta boy through and through!

Adam Bower

Adam Bower

I did end up getting it running and have continued to enjoy that bike throughout the years (and make many of the required embarrassingly dumb mistakes on it). At the time, there were no other scooterists nearby that I could get help from. Thankfully, Gene Meredith, from Scooters Originali was near enough in New Jersey to point me in the right direction.

My love for the Lambretta has only increased over the years, as has my collection! While I’m not really in the business of buying and selling bikes, I do tend to “pick up” bikes from all over and finally have to part with some when i get too many. My scoots that stay with me are an Italian Series 3 Li150, Indian GP150, and an Italian Series 1 Li150, of which I am the second owner. I have a number of other bikes around, including some LDs, a Serveta and a few project bikes. If you’re in the market feel free to give me a shout, as you never know what I’ve got laying around!

GP 150

GP 150

Although a Lambretta was my first ever two-wheeled purchase, that’s not to say i haven’t spent my fair share of time on various other machines. Some of my lifelong friends have always been into ATVs and motorcycles. And some of those friends are professional welders and machinists too! I’ve had the opportunity to ride and see a whole range of 4- and 3-wheelers, dirt bikes (2-stroke/4-stroke), crotch rockets and super bikes, streets bikes and Harley-Davidsons. I’ve even owned a Vespa or two in my days. My passion for the Lambretta never fades though.

Now perhaps much of this story doesn’t sound much different from your average Lambretta scooter addict. I mean, who doesn’t know a Lambretta boy that’s not a hoarder? But, many years ago I started down the rabbit hole of the why and how of the 2-stroke engine. Not just garage-style chit chat, but buying (and memorizing) the 2-stroke performance books, studying physics and dissecting and measuring the engine layouts. I’ve designed, built from scratch, and tested my own expansion chambers, tested and documented many tuning adventures and still continue to read textbooks on unsteady gas-flow dynamics. See for yourself!

These theories swirl around in my head throughout the day and go into my own personal engine builds that take me down the road; from getting to the local store to long-distance riding. Having bought the tools and learned the techniques for doing all my own Lambretta machinery work, I feel it’s time to offer my skills to other Lambretta enthusiasts. I hope you all are as pleased as I am with the results.